Saviynt Security Analyzer

Saviynt Security Analyzer provides a single pane of glass for managing security across AWS services and cloud infrastructure ecosystem, enabling businesses to accelerate the migration of mission-critical workloads and data to cloud. With over 250 security controls and risk signatures available out of box and more that can be user-defined, Saviynt Security Analyzer enables you to continuously monitor the effectiveness of AWS security posture.


The security scans are based on CIS AWS Foundations Benchmark and other industry best practices, not only shows risks but also helps you gain insight into the trends and prioritize remediation. Some of the key risks that you can identify include


  • Use of “root” account
  • Enabling of “root” API keys
  • Disabling of Multi-factor Authentication
  • High Privileged Users
  • Weak Password Policies


  • Disabling of AWS CloudTrail logs
  • Disabling of AWS Config
  • Disabling of AWS CloudTrail Log Validation
  • Disabling of AWS CloudTrail Encryption
  • Failed login attempts


  • Empty VPCs
  • Inbound Rules allowing all traffic
  • Outbound Rules allowing all traffic
  • Open RDP, OpenDNS, Open MySQL, Open SSH


  • Disabled EC2 termination protection
  • EC2 Instances outside VPC
  • EC2 Instances with missing tags
  • Workloads with open RDP Ports via Security Groups
  • Attached and Unencrypted EBS Volumes


  • RDS Retention Policy Violation
  • RDS Restore Policy Violation
  • S3 Buckets with logging disabled
  • S3 Buckets with versioning disabled


  • Templates with No Output Sections
  • Templates with Password Violations
  • Templates with Open RDP Port Security Groups
  • Templates with Open SSH Port Security Groups


Easy to use dashboards show risks across various AWS services that need immediate attention and drilldown views help security administrators to get to the bottom of the issue without wasting any time.

Dashboards showing risks across various AWS services


It just takes a few clicks for the initial setup before you start gaining visibility. Under the hood, Saviynt connects to several AWS services to perform risk assessment and provide you a comprehensive view of security.


Take control of Cloud Security

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Extend the power of Security Analyzer with our Premium offering that provides greater flexibility and empowers users with advanced analytics and improved visualization.

Security Analyzer for AWS (Premium)
  • Comprehensive Compliance Management with out-of-box or customizable mapping of risks / controls to industry regulations such as ITAR, PCI, SOX, HIPAA / HITECH
  • Risk Mitigation & Management with the ability to retain violation history, identify violation trends, assign violation remediation owners, track progress, whitelist violations, etc.
  • Support for multiple AWS Accounts – a consolidated pane to identify and manage risks across all your AWS accounts
  • Reconcile violators to AWS CloudTrail activity
  • Export risk violations in XLS or PDF formats
  • Enhanced dashboards and UI personalization
  • Pricing starts at $99/month per AWS Account

Coming soon: Saviynt Security Analyzer for other IaaS and DevOps platforms

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