Saviynt provides Splunk applications that help organizations leverage their on-premise or Cloud Splunk implementation to secure enterprise, Cloud and Big Data applications. Saviynt applications seamlessly extend Splunk with features such as comprehensive application access management, data access management  and high privilege activity certification in addition to providing actionable alerts. Users retain their familiarity with Splunk while significantly extending its capabilities for access governance and intelligence. Saviynt connectors assimilate entitlements and usage data from these key systems in to Splunk where users can then write traditional Splunk searches and build their own dashboards.

Customised dashboard for Splunk users
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Saviynt for Office 365

  • Import Office 365 access and usage data into Splunk
  • Classify content using Splunk searches
  • Report on access and usage of critical files
  • Get alerts on key controls on access and usage
  • Review and sign off on usage
  • Implement access workflows for access to critical files.
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Saviynt for SAP

  • Import fine grained SAP access and usage data in Splunk
  • Implement continuous monitoring of SAP controls
  • Analyze user and administrator activity
  • Overlay usage and access for actual Segregation of Duties violations
  • Analyze FireFighter logs for anomalies
  • Analyze and remediate Segregation of Duty violations
  • Report on role consolidation, activity and firefighter logs and mitigating controls
  • Provision and de-provision users to SAP.

Saviynt for SAP HANA

  • Report on SAP HANA access and usage
  • Implement out of box business controls to manage SAP HANA security
  • Real time monitoring of access and usage
  • Provision privileges and users to SAP HANA
  • Build and manage SAP HANA privileges
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Saviynt for Salesforce

  • Report and analyze Salesforce access and usage
  • Tag critical transactions in Salesforce
  • Analyze access to critical transactions and data
  • Certify user access and usage
  • Provision and de-provison users to Salesforce.
Workday logo

Splunk App for Workday

  • Report on access and usage in Workday
  • Implement out of the box Segregation of Duty and critical access rules for Workday
  • Assess your Workday logical access security in hours
  • Review Workday roles for inherent Segregation of Duty issues
  • Certify users and role content on a periodic basis
  • Provision and dep-rovision users to Workday
Epic logo

Splunk App for Epic

  • Report on user access in Epic
  • Analyze Epic usage for data breaches
  • Analyze Epic access for HIPAA and Meaningful Use requirements
  • Implement over 150 out of box Segregation of Duties and critical access rules around revenue cycle and clinical processes mapped to Epic security points
  • Assess Epic logical access security including templates, classess and security points in hours
  • Provision and de-provision users to Epic

Next Generation Access Governance and Intelligence for your Cloud, Big Data and Enterprise Applications

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