Automatically Remediate your Segregation of Duty (SoD) Violations

The only solution to combine of SAP Access, Usage, industry best practices and a workbench to provide automatic remediation recommendations for SOD violations. Saviynt allows risk analysts to prioritize remediation risks based on actual SOD violations vis-à-vis potential SOD violations that have been enacted by end users by integrating usage intelligence.


Comprehensive Solution for Continuous Compliance and SOD Management

Continuous Compliance Management Made Simple

With over 200 ITGC and security controls to choose from and ability to add new ones, Saviynt allows SAP security admins to customize, manage and monitor controls framework across connected and disconnected SAP systems. The system comes with a drill-down dashboard to monitor and analyze trends and history of control violations and automatically generates alerts for control owners.

Saviynt’s controls workbench allows control admins to analyze / revoke conflicts, apply mitigating controls, investigate open ones and accept residual risk as appropriate.

Re-Engineer SAP Roles To Be More Effective

Saviynt’s role engineering and management solution provides business owners with an invaluable tool to constantly evolve their SAP roles in changing business environments such as re-org, merger & acquisitions, process changes, etc. Saviynt role mining combines various elements (integrated usage analytics, mine per business function or task or both, multiple peer groups, display vs. non-display t-codes, etc.) to determine the most secure and efficient SAP roles. In addition, Saviynt performs SOD simulation during role design to ensure single roles have no inherent SOD conflicts.

Saviynt enables role designers to define single and composite roles that are flexible to meet organizational needs along with tools such as role impact analysis, role versioning, split or merge roles, etc. This role engineering workbench is further integrated with role life-cycle management to identify appropriate role owners, periodic review and certification of role content, etc.

Manage SAP Licenses

Optimize your SAP licenses based on actual usage and access of SAP users. Saviynt provides intelligent ongoing re-classification of users ranging between Application Professional, Application Limited Pro, Application Employee, etc. and associated projected cost savings. The re-classification is also backed with evidence and claims that are needed as part of license review.

Firefighter and Emergency Access Management

Saviynt provides industry’s leading firefighter management capabilities with ability to request (integrated with workflow) and provision elevated access to SAP for business emergencies. A key distinguishing feature is that complete trace-ability of firefighter access is retained since elevated access is temporarily granted to user’s existing account only.

After the completion of user’s critical actions / firefighter access, Saviynt automatically initiates a complete review of user’s audit / usage trail to ensure only authorized activities were performed. Saviynt further automates the life-cycle management of firefighter access with continuous review and certification of firefighter role and its contents by business role owners.

Next Generation Access Governance and Intelligence for your Cloud, Big Data and Enterprise Applications

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