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Blog Series – Part 2 – Securing IaaS and devOps

May 29, 2017, By Vibhuti Sinha


This blog aims to outline the key security considerations for organizations looking to adopt devOps and or are already utilizing Infrastructure services from Cloud providers viz. Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure or Google Cloud Platform.

Blog Series – Part 1 – Securing IaaS and devOps

May 29, 2017, By Vibhuti Sinha


This blog aims to outline the key security considerations for organizations looking to adopt devOps and or are already utilizing Infrastructure services from Cloud providers viz. Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure or Google Cloud Platform.

Saviynt Participates in Thought Leadership Sessions on Intelligent Identity at the Upcoming Cloud Identity Summit

May 18, 2017, By Sam Adler


Saviynt is very excited about the upcoming Cloud Identity Summit (CIS) 2017, hosted by Ping Identity in Chicago this June 19-22. It’s an amazing time in our company’s history and growth, and while we’re planning to show some of our most sought-after features at our Expo booth, we are also running 3 MasterClasses on Wednesday, June 21 that will offer thought leadership on key topics transforming the industry.

Taking a moment to reflect on Saviynt’s scoring in Gartner’s 2017 Critical Capabilities for IGA

May 17, 2017, By Sam Adler


As stated by its title, the report walks through the most critical capabilities that must be considered when reviewing an IGA solution. Each organization should derive its own set of requirements, and this report serves as an essential guidepost in completing any list. The report analyzes 11 critical IGA capabilities including: Identity Life Cycle, Entitlements Management, Access Requests, Policy and Role Management, Access Certification Fulfillment, Auditing, Ease of Deployment, Scalability and Performance.

ABB hit by $100M fraud: A wake-up call to improve security and compliance

March 23, 2017, By Javed Beg


As reported by CNN recently1, European power and robotics firm ABB has taken a pre-tax hit of 100M USD on its 2016 results due to an employee taking advantage of company mismanagement – and more specifically, a breach in segregation of duties policies.

RSA 2017 Recap: It’s not about today, it’s about tomorrow

February 17, 2017, By Sam Adler


With over 40,000 people in attendance at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, Dr. Zulfikar Ramzan, CTO at RSA Security, kicked off the conference with the need for business-driven security and the challenges and opportunities that come with it. He added, “coming to RSA gives me hope—to connect with and learn from amazing people who are tackling some of the most important challenges of our time.”

Emergence of Identity Governance as a Service

January 25, 2016, By Yash Prakash


Over the last year, it has become evident that Identity Governance delivered as a Service (a.k.a. Cloud IGA) has not only picked up momentum but has become the first choice for many organizations. Gartner in its recently released report (subscription needed) on building Next-Generation Identity Governance infrastructure reiterated this trend.

How Automating SOD Controls Monitoring and Management strengthens Compliance and Security

January 25, 2016, By Yash Prakash


Segregation of Duties (SOD) is a fundamental building block to manage risk of internal fraud and error by requiring different people to perform different tasks in order to complete a business process. Modern enterprises operate in an environment where roles and tasks proliferate, business processes are rapidly changing, and regulatory environment is constantly evolving. This has resulted in managing and enforcing SOD principles a growing challenge for most enterprises.

Saviynt Extends its Security Management Solution for AWS with Privileged Access Management

December 22, 2016, By Vibhuti Sinha


Saviynt Security Manager has now added Privileged Access Management (PAM) to its AWS security offering with two key security design principles – “Who gets access to high privileged roles?” and “What did the high privileged users do with that access?”. Saviynt can help organizations to manage privileged access of their developers and administrators on these workloads.

A Week to Remember

December 13, 2016, By Sam Adler


It was one of the most exhilarating weeks we’ve had here at Saviynt, with 5 major consecutive events in one week, including the Gartner IAM Summit, the annual AWS re:invent Conference and 3 Evanta CISO/CXO summits across the country.

In the middle of it all, we invited about 600 of our closest friends to the opulent HYDE Lounge at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, overlooking the incredible Bellagio Fountains. We co-hosted the event with Deloitte.

Saviynt’s Journey to AWS – Part 2 – The arduous road to securing native AWS Services

November 29, 2016, By Vibhuti Sinha


This blog series aims to discuss key security challenges for native AWS Services which Saviynt faced when implementing its offerings on AWS. The blog also intends to share our learnings, design patterns and methodologies used to overcome these challenges. Saviynt with its vision to provide comprehensive Cloud Access Governance and Intelligence have built these security controls within its core platform and uses the same to secure its offerings on AWS.

Saviynt’s Journey to AWS – Part 1 – From Snowflakes to Phoenix Servers

November 28, 2016, By Vibhuti Sinha


Adopting any new technology/platform comes with a learning curve for any organization and Saviynt was no exception to it. As part of Saviynt’s Cloud Adoption, we went through the typical “Crawl, Walk and Run” learning curve and are currently between the “Walk” and “Run” phases. This is a 2-part blog post and aims to explain some of the Architectural processes and patterns Saviynt has adopted and refined over a period of time on its journey to AWS.

How a Better User Experience Increases IGA Adoption

November 16, 2016, By Yash Prakash


When considering an Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) solution for your business, how important is a smooth and intuitive user experience? It’s a more critical part of your security strategy than you might think. In fact, according to Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Identity Governance and Administration, businesses in a wide range of industries and verticals consider a high-quality IGA user experience to be one of their most important criteria for selecting an IGA platform. Here’s why your business should make it a priority when evaluating IGA solutions.

Securing Cloud Infrastructure Services (3 -> 3 -> 3 design pattern)

August 27, 2016, By Vibhuti Sinha


Adoption of Cloud Infra services, moving workloads to AWS, Azure or any other Cloud Infra Services is ubiquitous and inevitable. Organizations are either in the process of moving to Cloud, already moved to Cloud or planning to move to Cloud.

Privilege Access Management in AWS

August 20, 2016, By Vibhuti Sinha


This blog post aims to share the challenges for privileged access management and monitoring in an AWS Ecosystem, our unique set of learnings and also the solutions which were designed to solve them

AWS Role and Policy Governance – Guiding Principles

August 18, 2016, By Vibhuti Sinha


AWS IAM Policy and IAM Roles lay the foundation and form the core of “Access” on AWS objects. From an Identity Governance and Administration view , AWS Policy and Role objects are fine grained entitlements and thereby should follow and adhere to entitlements lifecycle processes.

This is how we Identify a Party

August 15, 2016, By Sam Adler


We were privileged to be a sponsor at the AWS Summit in NYC last week and threw an awesome party at The Press Club, a swank rooftop bar overlooking Manhattan. To check the  pictorial recap of the event, please click on the header above and check out how we ‘Identify a Party’.

Need for Next Gen Identity Governance and Administration Solution

August 10, 2016, By Yash Prakash


Identity Governance is so fundamental to security that you see most organizations attempting to address this with one or more solutions. Despite significant investment of time and money for several years, we see organizations continue to struggle with their IGA implementation. The maturity is usually so low that only a handful of applications are integrated, while the portfolio has hundreds of applications. Poor user experience further limits adoption and results in rubber stamping and excessive access, opening the door for potential data breach.

Welcome to the Saviynt Blog. Now Fasten your Seatbelts

August 4, 2016, By Sam Adler


Over the last 6 years we have been hard at work building out an amazing set of tools that some of the largest companies in the world are now using to manage their Identity Management and Administration, their Cloud Security, and much more.  As companies begin to migrate their legacy systems to be able to handle the provisioning and…


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Taking a moment to reflect on Saviynt’s scoring in Gartner’s 2017 Critical Capabilities for IGA: .

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