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Saviynt for SAP HANA

sap_startupfocus_member_RSaviynt has Industry’s First HANA Security Product to Help Enterprises Implement and Manage HANA Security


Saviynt HANA Security Manager Capabilities

Business Layer: Business layer that translates a very complex HANA data and security model into business view for the security and business teams. This is important since out of box HANA security requires a deep understanding of database object models and does not cater to the security team, business teams and data stewards

Automated Role / Privilege Design and Management: Based on the business rules defined, Saviynt creates and manages an optimized Role and Privilege model and provisions it to HANA.

Real Time Audit: Saviynt notifies security and business teams in real time when an access has been modified that violates an existing business or compliance rule

Automated User Management: Saviynt enables preventative business and compliance checks during user creation and management processes

Reports and Dashboard: Saviynt provides real time and historical security health and compliance reports

HANA security is Unlike Traditional Databases

In HANA all security is defined at the HANA / Data layer. Client systems like Excel, BI, Reporting Tools, Mobile Applications have little to no security built in.

All users and authorizations are stored and managed in HANA.


Current HANA Security Model

Security Implementation is Cumbersome and Ineffective

Can take 3-12 months depending on requirements

Complex Security Model

Any to many relationships between Users, Roles and Privileges

Privileges can be assigned directly to Users, Parent Roles or Child Roles

No Business View for Security and Business Teams

Requires understanding of DB objects, schemas and multiple views

No Auditing against Business Rules

No way to ensure the access people received during implementation

On-going changes are not actively evaluated against business and compliance rules

On-going Security Management is very Cumbersome

New data sources can result in complete re-design of security

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